Welcome to Port Sunbeam, the fictional home of the Go Green Team.

It’s a quintessential seaside town with a diverse mix of people and jobs. From Sanjit the station master and his daughter Lara to Heather the farmer and her son Alex. Port Sunbeam condenses every essence of life into one magical place. At the heart of Port Sunbeam is the recycling centre home to Jimmy, Nellie and the rest of the Go Green Team.
From recycling used batteries to plastics in the ocean, nothing is too big a story to tell!

Each story comes from current green issues. With each truck having a different recycling skill every episode is able to focus on a different environmental problem and deliver a key message to the audience.


We make sure key messages are supported by a simple structure:

  • At the end of each episode events are retold, making sure important issues are clearly imparted on the viewer.
  • Every character is alive and can speak, but only the children can hear and see them!
  • Each truck has a magical gift and works to restore the world’s Eco balance with the help of the children and Bo the sprite!

Jimmy and Nellie is about positive change. It’s about how one action, no matter how small, can make all the difference. There are no adults telling children what to do in Jimmy and Nellie, we want children to be the future ambassadors for change.