It’s a beautiful day in Port Sunbeam and everyone is making the most of the nice weather. Daisy and Liam are on the beach with their parents. Their dad seems to think everyone else will clean up after him. This annoys Daisy and Liam, but he’s probably going to learn his lesson soon!

Across the beach Daisy and Liam spy Nellie and wonder what she is doing. They run over to talk to her. She tells them about the rubbish on the beach and the harm it is doing to the environment. She talks about microplastics. Confused, the children ask more about microplastics, so Nellie takes them on a magical ride to learn more. Back at the beach they start a clean-up campaign and their dad gets taught that important lesson!


Jimmy turns up at Port Sunbeam school. As always, everyone is pleased to see him especially Liam, Daisy and Chester. They ask Jimmy why he has come to the school. Jimmy tells them that their school collects old batteries and he picks them up and takes them back to the yard to be recycled.

The children are bewildered; what use are old batteries? Don’t they just get thrown away? Jimmy takes them on a magical ride to explain why we need to recycle old batteries. They come back from their adventure and Jimmy tells them it’s all down to them to help make their school one of the best recycling centres for batteries. Now the children know what happens to the used batteries they can’t wait to tell their parents and friends. Jimmy heads off to the yard with a full load of batteries to be recycled and a happy heart.


It’s the annual village fete and something has gone terribly wrong in Port Sunbeam. The village square, where the presentations from the Mayor usually take place is strewn with all kinds of rubbish and debris. With only hours until the fete opens how will this ever get cleaned up?

Daisy, Mary and Alex are all gathered in the square when Emma passes by. She asks them what is wrong? They tell her and together they come up with a plan to clean up the square and separate the rubbish from the recyclable materials, but how will they know which is which? It’s time for a magical ride to show them how.

With only minutes to go, the children and Emma have the square looking sparkling clean. The mayor turns up in his car and the fete goes ahead as planned. The children celebrate as Emma heads back to the yard to tell her story to everyone there.

It’s a glorious day and Daisy and Liam are out with their mother and father at the local park. As it’s so hot, Will, Daisy and Liam’s father orders them all some cold drinks. Paying no attention to how dirty the park has become Will discards his own straw by throwing it at the ducks in the pond – which doesn’t end well!

Whilst Will is drying out, Jimmy and Nellie turn up and take Daisy and Liam on a magical ride to show them why plastic is so bad for the environment.

When they get back they decide to help clean up the park. They show their father the clean park and how a small change, such as not using plastic straws can make a huge difference.

They all decide to celebrate but this time it’s milkshake with paper straws!

What can be done with an old plastic bottle? Well, for one thing you can make money out of it! After cleaning up the village fete there are a lot of bottles that need to be recycled. Jimmy and Nellie turn up and explain that the local supermarket has a clever way to recycle and let you make some pocket money. Daisy and Mary are intrigued and follow Jimmy and Nellie to the supermarket. A wonderful machine takes the bottles and gives back coupons right before their eyes. What becomes of all the bottles inside the machine though? Asks Daisy

Before they know it, they are the size of ants and on a magical ride, following the bottles as they are recycled.

Back at the supermarket they explain to their mother and father how to recycle bottles. They love the idea and get a little too carried away!

Down by the docks Benjamin is sitting staring out to sea. He’s waiting for one of the ships to come in. Lily, his granddaughter and her friend Lara come strolling down the dock just as he pops an old medal back into his pocket. They ask what it was he had in his hand and he explains what it was and how he got it for his time overseas in a place called Malaysia. He explained about the wonderful forests and the incredible wildlife, especially the orangutans. Benjamin heads off to help unload a ship just as Peter arrives. He explains that all that lovely forest is disappearing, and the orangutans are dying out thanks to a thing called palm oil. The children don’t know what palm oil is, so Peter takes them on a magical ride to show them how it is harvested and the damage it is doing. Upon their return, Benjamin asks the girls if they would like to get some doughnuts. Of course, but only if they are free of palm oil. They walk into the sunset explaining everything to Benjamin.


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